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  Danjiang Civilization
   Xu Xiake "North riding red Ye Taihua, Laojun gorge for the boating Bibo Wu Long Ju; Dan Dan by fish". In March 1623, henceforth, Danfeng County, south of the Danjiang River on the north shore of the shipboard hall at...
Travel tips

1, by plane, you should pay attention to flight safety, seat belt, without dangerous or flammable materials, the use of hand-held mobile phones and other related electronic products not in aircraft during the lift.

2 Do any replacement rider seat, head, hands out of the window do not, please note that to drive up and down when the direction to avoid danger.

3. Place hotel valuables safe, such as portable, attention custody, not from the hand.

4, access to the hotel room, please close the door, do the laundry draped in lights or smoke in bed, I heard the fire alarm rang, please leave quickly by the emergency exit, do not take the elevator.

5, each time before departure, check your carry-on luggage, with special attention to your documents and valuables.

6, travel, pay attention to health, do not eat raw food, raw seafood, have been skinned fruit, do not patronize unlicensed street stalls, to prevent overeating. Drink plenty of water, eat more fruits and vegetables, less smoking, less drinking.

7, when the groups can not be allowed to travel off the team. If you need to leave alone, please obtain the consent Quanpei guide and carry the accommodation local address, telephone, to avoid accidents.

8, prior to arrival scenic tour, guides explain to bear in mind centralized location, time, license plate number was riding tour buses. In case off the group, please return to a centralized location to wait for the tour guide to find

9, at night or on their own free time to go out, please inform Quanpei guide or tour, should pay special attention to safety.

10, the trip to see if there are irritating activities, poor health who do not participate or free activities. Suffering from heart disease, lung disease, asthma, high blood pressure should not engage in water, high-altitude activities.

11, a speed boat, drifting raft, participate in water sports, press the provisions of wearing a life jacket, and follow the guidance of the staff.

12, when the cable car ride, please sequentially from top to bottom, obey the command staff.

13, beach swimming, do not go beyond the security cordon, who are not familiar with the water, not the water alone.

14, walking snow, steep mountain road, please be careful.

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