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  Danjiang Civilization
   Xu Xiake "North riding red Ye Taihua, Laojun gorge for the boating Bibo Wu Long Ju; Dan Dan by fish". In March 1623, henceforth, Danfeng County, south of the Danjiang River on the north shore of the shipboard hall at...
Dan River Rafting Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn Rafting and Dan Dan river rafting located next day of beach pier, surrounded by clear mountain surrounded by river Flows, quiet, beautiful natural scenery, a large tourist resort area.

     Dan River Rafting Holiday Inn by the array of antique-style small building composed of two-star hotels, catering, accommodation, entertainment and conference reception as one of the tourist resort, the hotel offers a variety of rooms more than 60 sets of high-grade, which can reception 160 people accommodation, a restaurant can host more than 200 people dining at the same time set up the dance hall, KTV box, beauty salon, meeting rooms to meet the guests various consumer requirements.

     Dan river rafting Danfeng Holiday Inn can accommodate large tour groups, government agencies and organizations meeting, also weddings, birthday parties, business dinners, the best choice for friends stay, the Holiday Inn and Dan can enjoy rafting service, but also watch bonfire ethnic customs performance, full of tourists relax physical and mental fatigue.

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