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  Danjiang Civilization
   Xu Xiake "North riding red Ye Taihua, Laojun gorge for the boating Bibo Wu Long Ju; Dan Dan by fish". In March 1623, henceforth, Danfeng County, south of the Danjiang River on the north shore of the shipboard hall at...
Theater into the area, we give you the line and convenient!
Outside number, number ...... theater into the area outside it!
     Dan river rafting area in the downstream, respectively, with interactive theater 7D, 5D dynamic theater allows you to enjoy the theater into the area of superiority, so that you become a member of the film, there are immersive feeling when the film winds appear when rain, thunder, electricity and other natural phenomena, special effects equipment will also be simultaneously appear wind, rain, thunder, lightning and other natural phenomenon; when a viewer to fly jets fired missiles at the enemy, the seat will be a strong vibration, allowing viewers almost feel the ultimate sense of participation, confusion, anxiety, pain, joy can feel the genuineness! Wonderful summer music non-stop, we opened the summer 3D stereoscopic film: every day at noon 13:30; 18:30 pm, every game exciting, the effect is extraordinary.
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