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   Xu Xiake "North riding red Ye Taihua, Laojun gorge for the boating Bibo Wu Long Ju; Dan Dan by fish". In March 1623, henceforth, Danfeng County, south of the Danjiang River on the north shore of the shipboard hall at...
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Dan river rafting Profile

First Northwest drift - Dan River Rafting: Dan river total length of 443 km, is the longest a tributary of the Han River. Located in the Qinling Mountains of Danfeng County, about 170 kilometers from Xian. 312 State Road, southwest of the railway runs through things, making the through Xinjiang to Shanghai under the traffic.

According to "Yu Gong" contains: "and Dan Air prior to the beginning of the Spring and Autumn." Famous traveler Xu, after North Ye Taihua, from the Longjuzhai sail, drifting throughout the Dan River. "Xu Travels" is the description of "anger streaming boat, the two sides concentrated peach Yan Li, floodlight want to dance. The boat head, feel immortal too!" Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai, Du Mu, Juyi, Liu Yuxi, also boating Dan River, leaving the eternal farewell.

Here a beautiful, mild climate, summer heat and winter cold, many of the natural landscape is touristy resort. Wherein two Long Jin Dynasty temple, the tomb of the Han Dynasty Sihao, Hall formations of the Qing Dynasty, Taoism ryongdae concept Qinchu boundary wall, "off the four plugs" One of Wu Guan Sheng plug towering wonderful Crown Hill Xiufeng, mysterious quiet odd Huanglong Cave , beautiful green mountains Snow providers, imposing the Longtan waterfall, has a long history of rich cultural heritage of the northwest first drift - Dan river rafting, a total length of 8 kilometers, the way through the wolf JINWOZI, iron beds Shoal, too Zhenjiang stone, side Bailong mountain, Rooster, hump it, the turtle drinking water, then direct Month Day beaches. See you sliced ​​rock, rocks Jiazhi, torrent lift Tao, Britain waves surging, thrilling place but near misses. Famous writer like Yao inscription "Qin Chuxiong off, drifting scenery" Danfeng membership concave writer Jia wrote "old drought dock, today drifting scenery."

Dan river rafting both rugged Northland, there Jiangnan seductive, is an ideal natural refreshing resort!

Dan river rafting Venice hotels Introduction

Dan river rafting Venice is located in Danfeng south, and Dan River, Jiangbei Avenue, the western part of the North against the famous Chuanbang Hall, south and Dan beautiful artificial lake, is a veritable Floating Hotel.

Danfeng Venice line "Shaanxi Dan river rafting century limited liability company" was completed in September 2005, set to eat, live, play, shop, swim in one of the antique-style building, the restaurant can accommodate 800 people dining in turn, in the dining the process can also watch minority customs and modern interpretation of the court dance, hotels have presidential suites, deluxe standard room, single 47 sets, can accommodate more than 100 people. Function rooms are equipped with the most advanced modern audio and lighting equipment, to organize large-scale dance but also accommodate more than 100 people meeting, beauty salon, bath, massage room, so that customers traveling spare time, you can relax and enjoy the heart and soul .

Hotels accept major tourist groups, organizations meetings, wedding receptions, birthday parties, business meetings, and so the best place to meet friends. You can enjoy Star service, but also watch the rich historical and cultural characteristics of the water rhyme real interpretation of Dan.

Danfeng Venice Waterpark Profile

Danfeng Venice waterpark is the "Northwest first drift" - Danfeng Dan river rafting scenic recreational summer DEDECATES new project, located on the pier leading mountain resort beach day of the next Dan river rafting, water park area of ​​3,000 square meters , crystal clear, blue waves, the park features a large fantasy kiosk, childrens fun kiosk, apple house, rainbow door, rain mushroom, the bulk of clowns, frog slide, swimming whale, conch slides, crocodile slides, water bowls, strange vine water, snail water, dolphin fountain, pencil water, colorful water, kangaroos water, water curtain, sunflower water, then water frog, fun rain column, water windmill, flower umbrella, hippocampus water cartoon water spraying 30 water recreation activities, breathtaking sky roundabout, exciting rainbow slide, "and cool, heart fly" Danfeng Venice waterpark Welcome!

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