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  Danjiang Civilization
   Xu Xiake "North riding red Ye Taihua, Laojun gorge for the boating Bibo Wu Long Ju; Dan Dan by fish". In March 1623, henceforth, Danfeng County, south of the Danjiang River on the north shore of the shipboard hall at...
  Water-splashing Festival
Our style splash from Xishuangbanna Dai Songkran Yunnan ethnic customs collection performance and splashing in one, many tourists come together, holding a water composition tools, splashing each other blessings person. Companies with minority actors involved, and tourists splashing each other, people such as body into the Dai village feast. Meaning there are two aspects: First, most who poured into the water body, who will be able to obtain the protection of the gods, who is the luckiest man; the second is the young men and women lovers express the meaning of love. Activity interspersed with rain Di carnival song, making it more irritating way to eliminate fatigue, enhance joy activities. To pray to the gods filled with water, forever auspicious peace, enjoy themselves need to participate.
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